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Computer Setup

Computer Setup ServicesIf you have purchased a new computer or you want to set up your computer system to your new home or office space, you need computer setup services. This is where PHLAdvisor will assist you with a wide range of computer support services.

For the most part new computers don’t have all the vital segments required to work it efficiently. Setting up new computer might be precarious for you. With the help of our specialist, you will receive assistance with regard to all the essential software including Microsoft Office, and free Antivirus. It will likewise incorporate the whole configuration required to utilize internet on it.

Our expert service professionals know a significant number of the tips, alternate ways and solutions to the errors, which are quite common to face while setting up a new computer system. While introducing new computer system, you might face some physical issues, like adjusting new parts or some software issues regarding their installation, configuration, etc.

Whatever be the issues, you are facing, we offer complete computer support services and smoothen your work process.

With our computer setup services, you can unwind and let us deal with the underlying configuration and installation of the working framework, interchanges, security and applications. We will supply, configure, set-up and test your whole framework, including all software, email and Wi-Fi connections.

What we do?

PHLAdvisor owns a group of exceptionally prepared specialists who will give full desktop computer setup and installation services for your home computer or your business computer framework.

We can deal with all that you have to get you set up so you can utilize your new computer immediately, or we can upgrade your current model with no problems.

Reasons to choose us

Choose our computer setup service because, we offer:

Once you have purchased a new PC or want to relocate the complete system to a new location, you always want to have everything settled perfectly in a working condition. It is where; PHLAdvisor’s service professionals perform their role. Under desktop computer configuration, functions like downloading and introducing Windows and other software, setting-up your email, and getting securely connected to the Internet and Wi-Fi, etc is performed.

We can deal with the underlying set-up and configuration of the framework, initiation and enrollment of software and cloud services, and ensure you can make full utilization of Wi-Fi and broadband connections.

Approach the expert for help

PHLAdvisor offers professional home computer setup services at affordable costs, given by suppliers that you can trust. When something turns out badly –, for example, a screen or a segment disappointment, an infection contamination or lost information, we can fix it in a quick and effective way. So, what are you waiting for? Looking for expert help to set up your PC? Contact our experts today!

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 2 reviews
by Wan Loren on PHLAdvisor

Good approach and very well mannered technicians. I wanted a full Operating System reinstallation on my main drive and it went well. They explained each step during the installation process and I felt a sense of comfort that none of my files in the other drives will be deleted. The computer setup service was amazing and the service charge was very affordable as well.

by Clemm Schafer on PHLAdvisor

I bought a new PC for my son but i had faced some technical issue to setup new computer. I called the PHLAdvisor for the computer support and their technician answered all my questions. The technician was knowledgeable and efficient. They provide the best computer setup service and online support.