Windows 10 start menu not working


Do you encounter issues like the windows 10 start menu not working? Well if this has bothered you then it is time to know the easy way to fix the problem by yourself rather than searching solution to your “my windows 10 start menu is not working” which will be a very mixed up idea. Rather let us read below and find the way to know how we can solve the problem for win 10 start button not working:-

  • We can start by launching the task manager which can be done in two ways:
    • By pressing the Alt+Ctrl+Delete keys simultaneously on the system
    • By clicking right on the task bar and selecting task manager
  • Click more details options and expand the task manager
  • Select file option
  • Run a new task from the list
  • Type powershell in the dialog box that appears after running  new task
  • Tick the box that says “create this task with administrative privileges”
  • Press Ok
  • Run the system file checker to see for corrupt files that can be removed from the system
  • This issue can also be handle in many other ways such as reinstalling system application, restarting fresh or logging into new user id.

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