How to Unzip Files on Mac?


The zip file that you received is a compressed file so that it takes less space and faster download of the files. However you will need to unzip these files do that you can see the content inside this files, luckily the process on how to unzip files on mac isn’t that complicated!

How to Unzip Files on Mac.

  • To unzip files on a mac, open the folder where you have the unzip file,
  • Double click the zipped file.
  • The file will automatically be decompressed by Archive Utility.
  • After the unzipping process is completed, all the content in the zip file will be available in the same folder

One thought on “How to Unzip Files on Mac?”

  1. brian collins says:

    How to deal with unzip error on a large file in mac? When i try to extract to unzip the file i get an error.

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