How to Unlock iPhone 5s


iPhone 5s

Have you been wondering about how to unlock IPhone 5s? Are the contents in all blogs confusing you about which method to go for in order to get idea about how to unlock IPhone 5s passcode? Worry no more as we have decoded the ways out:

  • There are many software available to wipe out phone lock and you can install one first for easy unlocking
  • Firstly, run the program after installation and connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable
  • Press and hold the sleep/wake button with the home button for 8-10 seconds to activate the DFU mode. Then release wake/sleep button but continue for five seconds with the home button.
  • All the information will be listed
  • You can download all those too the firmware package by pressing “download” button
  • After downloading gets over click “start unlock”
  • Confirm by typing “000000”
  • The iPhone will be unlocked successfully after that.

There are yet other ways to unlock iPhone 5s such as by generating IMEI etc.

Let us now see how to unlock IPhone 5s that uses AT&T network”

  • Firstly request for an unlock code by logging into
  • Then log in to
  • Select your iphone model
  • Enter your iPhone IMEI (generally written on back of the iPhone 5s) or dial *#06# to get the IMEI or just go to settings and general and know about the IMEI
  • Now enter that number and model and click on “unlock NOW”
  • Provide required information and click “pay with paypal”
  • Once the paypal transaction is done and verification is over the order status will turn to processing
  • This will submit that IMEI number to AT&T and the apple database will white list the number
  • Then this whole procedure will be completed within 1-5 days
  • Rest you will receive a “congratulation your iPhone has been unlocked” message
  • Confirming the work done

That was how you unlock iPhone 5s AT&T simplified.

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