How to unlock iphone 5


Phones are not only restricted to the communication part but it is an open book for your secret data, bank accounts and a lot more. In order to save our phones form malicious sources, we all make sure to lock our cell phones to maintain privacy so that nobody can misuse our data. However, sometimes changing the passcodes of your cell phone a lot of times, makes it difficult for you to remember the last passcode you entered. Sometimes even after a number of attempts, one may not able to unlock their phone. If you own an iPhone 5 and are unable to remember its passcode, you have come to the right place to get solutions for your queries. Here is a quick guide on how to unlock iPhone passcode with a few easy steps.

How to unlock iPhone 5 passcode without iTunes?

Usually, there are three methods by which you can unlock your iPhone 5. These are Hardware Unlocking, the Software Unlocking and the IMEI or Network Unlocking.

The first two methods which are hardware and software unlocking, most of the times do not work. Even if they work, they may hamper your device and show some weird functional issues.

So, the best method to unlock iPhone 5 is to use the third and the safest method, IMEI or Network Unlocking method. Read on to find out how to unlock iPhone passcode without iTunes.

How to unlock iPhone 5 passcode with IMEI or Network Unlocking?

This is the only reliable and permanent method to unlock your iPhone 5. Every device which has been manufactured contains a unique IMEI code. Apple also takes note of each and every code where they have the database of all the iPhones produced ever. This method does not require you to download any software or use any hardware thus making it a quick and simple process.

  1. Keep your IMEI number handy, because you may need it in the process of unlocking your phone. There are ample number of ways for generating your IMEI number.

So let us first learn how can one generate the IMEI number:

  • Dial *#06# on the dial pad of your iPhone 5 to figure out your IMEI number.
  • For iPhone 5 models which have been already activated, you can easily find the IMEI number is located at the back of the device.
  • For the mobiles phones which have not been activated yet, you can click on the ‘i’ button which is present on the activation screen. You can click on it and IMEI number will pop up on the screen.


  1. There are many IPhone models thus you need to sure of the iPhone model that you want to unlock out of all the iPhone 5 models.
  2. Choose one of the services out of the listed below:
  • iPhoneIMEI
  • Official iPhone 5 Unlock
  • IMEI Codes


  1. Provide your IMEI number in the service you choose.
  2. Click on the Unlock option
  3. Make the payment using Visa or Mastercard.
  4. Enter your email address to get updates regarding the services on your email address.
  5. You will get to hear back in topmost three days.

So next time if you accidentally forget the passcode of your iPhone then, try this super easy method and unlock your iPhone 5 right away.

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