How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone


Transfer photos from computer to iPhone is an easy process. The method of transferring photos to iPhone will depend upon the operating system that you use. Further, Apple has provided iTunes as a cross-platform software which enables you to transfer files easily to the iPhone. Also, the iTunes app is able to convert the files into formats supported by the iPhone.

Why use iTunes?

I tunes will take extra space on your system, but if you have an iPhone, this app becomes a necessity. You cannot transfer files to and from the iPhone without the iTunes installed on your system. Further, the iTunes app has special features that can handle media and back them up directly every time you connect your system to the iPhone, You can take any of your iPhones files backup using iTunes .

Transferring media and files from system to iPhone is one of the most trending topics. The topic always stays trending as more and more people are buying this esteemed mobile device. The Apple iPhone features a A12 processor which is the fastest one available for any mobile device. Also, the device provides a good battery backup, storage and features an exceptional GPU. The GPU is so powerful that you can easily play some of the best and most demanding mobile games on the iPhone.

How To transfer photos from computer to iPhone, follow the steps provided below:

Here is a simple method for how to transfer photos from computer to iPhone. You may be wondering why we did not use iTunes. This is because iClouds is a simpler way of keeping every device that you have in sync. The iCloud app for PC is lightweight and launches at the time of startup. All the data saved in the iCloud folder on the PC will be uploaded. Once the data is uploaded, it can be accessed via the iPhone.

If you prefer iTunes, then here is the other method of transfer photos from computer to iPhone:

Once the transfer is complete, you can detach the lightning cable and resume using your iPhone. iTunes is a freeware and can be downloaded from Apple’s website. You can even personalize it by signing in with your apple account. To know more, get in touch with us at +1-866-593-4777.

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