How to take a screenshot on windows 10, 7 & 8


Steps to follow for taking screenshot on windows 10

  • One can use the print screen (PrtSc) button on the top right of the keyboard for normal screenshot.
  • User can also use control (Ctrl) + print screen (PrtSc) for saving the image on clipboard which can be edited later using tools as paint.
  • In order to save it as a file on the hard drive and take screenshot of the whole page directly than one must press the windows+ PrtSc button.
  • Using Alt + PrtSc on keyboard also saves the image on the clipboard that can be pasted in paint and edited for further needs.
  • In case your tablet or laptop has a Fn key then you can use Fn+PrtSc for screenshot and saving into clipboard. User can use Fn + PrtSc + Alt or they can also use Fn + windows + PrtSc for screenshot and saving the image as file.
  • The Windows + shift + S can be pressed to capture a part of the screen which can be selected after the light goes dim on a windows 10 system only.

Steps to follow for taking screenshot on windows 7

  • User with a system having windows 7 can use the Alt + PrtSc keys to take a screenshot
  • However it is not sure that the image is saved therefore they must go to programs as the paint, keep cursor on screen and press Ctrl + V to paste the screenshot which can then be saved and used for future needs.
  • User can download snipping tools online and use then to capture parts of the screen they are working on
  • There are some third party tools too that can be used to capture screenshots and save them in files on the system

Steps to follow for taking screenshot on windows 8

  • User can go to the start screen and start the application needed
  • Then they can press the windows + PrtSc buttons from the keyboard.
  • Then user must press the windows + E button on the keyboard to open explorer
  • You can then navigate to the pictures library where you will find a self-created screenshots folder
  • On clicking folder you will get the saved screenshots in chronological order.
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  1. Claude says:

    I want only take the image of the email inbox. I do not want the screenshot of the full computer screen, i do not want the Windows logo or the time date i see at the bottom. How do i remove that windows 10 logo?

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