How to setup Epson wireless printer?


To install the Epson printer, follow the easy to understand guide with screenshot images on how to setup epson wireless printer. These steps are the not the same for the question on how to connect an epson printer to the wifi. But to setup the Epson Wireless printer to your computer, you will first need to connect Epson Printer to Wifi and then proceed with these steps mentioned below. Let’s begin.

  • Connect your computer to the internet and open a browser of your choice.
  • Go to Epson support official website and this will take you to the Epson support page.
  • In the search box, enter your Epson Printer model number and hit search
  • From the search results, select your Epson Printer model
  • Scroll down the your Epson Printer page, and click on the Utilities to expand the list
  • Click on Download the Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility
  • After the download completes, click to open the file
  • End User License Agreement window will pop up, click on I Accept checkbox and click next

License Epson printer

  • Click on install and then on Finish button to finish the installation
  • Epson Connect Printer Setup will automatically start and from the list, select your Epson Printer,then click on Next (If your printer cannot be found on the list, click on Search Again)


Select Epson Printer

  • Select on Printer Registration Checkbox and click on Next


Epson Printer Registration

  • License Agreement and Privacy Statement will pop up, Scroll through, click on I Agree and click on Next

Epson License and Privacy Statement

  • You will get a Register a Printer to Epson Connect message on your screen, then click on OK

If you already have an Epson account then select on I Already Have An Account, fill up the Add a Printer details and click Add

If you are registering for the first time, fill up the information Create An Epson Connect Account and click on finish when done

  • Close the Epson Connect Printer Setup
  • The printer is now connected to the wifi and the computer, you can print a test page to make sure the Epson Wireless Printer has been setup correctly

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