How to Setup a Wireless Printer on Mac?


Connect your printer to the wireless network before we begin setting up the printer on mac. While setting up the wireless printer you may be prompted to enter your WiFi username and password.

Now, install the printer drivers onto your Mac with the CD that came along with your printer. If no CD is available then, go online and enter your printer model number and download the software for your printer model from your printer manufacturers official website.

Here are the steps for how to setup wireless printer on Mac

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One thought on “How to Setup a Wireless Printer on Mac?”

  1. Bikker Nua says:

    How do i find the wireless printer ip address? The office printer is already connected to the wifi and i have downloaded the drivers for the printer. I want to print some files using the office printer but how do i get access of the office printer ip address to setup the wireless printer on my mac?

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