How to save video from facebook to iphone


Facebook offers you a lot of multimedia content to enjoy. However, in the event that you have to see those amusing or helpful videos indeed, at some other time, you should save Facebook video to iPhone.

In the event that you are an iPhone user and thinking about how to save video from Facebook to iPhone, you can pursue distinctive techniques to do as such.

To save video from Facebook to iPhone, you can utilize two simple ways.

Way 1: Download your Facebook archives including videos.

Facebook gives you a chance to download all the stuff posted incorporating photos and videos as a ZIP archive. To download this archive, you can follow the below mentioned steps.

Way 2: Use different apps to download the videos and save them.

App 1: With MyMedia

Looking forward for options to find how to save a video from Facebook to my iPhone? Use the MyMedia app and get the solution. Follow the below mentioned steps to process the game.

App 2: With Browser and File Manager for Documents

Aside from the above ways, you can likewise utilize the strategy to save Facebook videos and watch them later on your iPhone.

In the event that you need to save Facebook videos for later review on your iOS gadget, you can do it pretty effectively. However, this technique doesn’t make you learn how to save a video from Facebook to your iPhone locally; rather, the videos will be saved on your Facebook profile itself. You don’t have to utilize any app to complete this. Simply:

To see the video, you can just open the app and go to more buttons situated at the bottom of the screen. At that point select “Saved” option. In the event that the video isn’t accessible there, simply go to the “Video” tab to find the clip.

The above methods will help you to save a video from Facebook to your iPhone. Just select the one suiting your preference.

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