How to Restore iPhone from iCloud Backup


When you move to another iPhone you would prefer not to spend most of your time to set up the old apps, settings, on which you are working on your old phone. That is the reason restoring from a backup is so helpful: one brisk tap and you’re ready.

Backups are important, but knowing how to restore iPhone from icloud backup is similarly as essential.

Here are the Steps for How to restore iPhone from iCloud?

To restore iPhone from iCloud Backup, you can go through the following steps.


Restore iCloud Backup


Signin iCloud


Choose Backup

How to restore contacts from iCloud?

In case you’re searching for a free way to restore contacts from iCloud, you can specifically blend all contacts in your iCloud backup to your gadget. Along these lines, you can keep the contacts on your gadget and get back all contacts in the iCloud backup.

Let’s check how to get contacts from iCloud.

IOS Setting


Contact Info


Keep up on My phone


Turn On contact

Follow the above steps, you can restore the data and contacts from icloud and save on your iPhone.

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  1. Corina says:

    I really needed this. Thanks. I use to literally write down all of the important contact on a paper first and then manually add them back in the new phone. No one ever told me or i never asked on how we can restore all the details from the previous phone using iCloud backup.

    Rating: 5

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