How to Reset HP Printer Default Admin and Wi-Fi Password


HP LaserJet enterprise and HP Page wide enterprise are the major flagship categories of printers HP Laserjet, HP Deskjet, HP Officejet pro and etc. shipped by Hewlett Packard with a factory programmed Service Access Code PIN. Here are some instructions for an administrator or a team manager to reset HP Printer default admin password. These instructions can vary for a service team managing a large number of printer models who want to secure them with the single key.

Ways to Reset HP Printer Default Admin & WiFi Password

Factory default Service Access Code (PIN) can be replaced by a new PIN

New PIN can be a customised 8-digit numeric PIN. Each model has its own Service Access Code which is listed publicly in HP service manuals. If a service user logs in without Service Access Code PIN, then they will be restricted to the service menu only and other applications like fax/copy/send and receive from memory will be locked for him. This feature is present in all future Smart versions.

Change the factory default PIN

Check the version of the printer; whether it is running Future Smart Firmware newer or 3.2.3. To change the factory default PIN, there are 2 methods:

  1. Embedded Web Server (EWS)
  2. Pre-boot menu

Through Embedded Web Server (EWS) method

To browse the Embedded Web Server (EWS), enter the printer IP address displayed on the configuration page and press enter. When an administrator password is set for the EWS, sign in using the administrator’s credentials and click the Security tab. When there is no administrator password set for the EWS then, set the Local Administrator Password firstly before replacing the PIN. Type an 8-digit numeric password only. No letters or special characters are allowed. After entering the same new 8-digit PIN number in Verify Access Code column, apply it and click ok. A new confirmation screen will be displayed and the service access code PIN will be changed.

Through Control panel – Pre-boot Menu method

Scroll the pre-boot menu bar from Touch screen. Switch off the printer and turn it back on after a few seconds. Touch the HP logo on the printer’s control panel when 1/8th of the display is below it. And for Line display: switch off the printer and turn it back on after a few seconds. Press the HP logo displayed on the control panel. This will illuminate 3 ready data LED lights. Click the Administrator column and select change Svc PWD. Enter the new 8-digit PIN and re-enter when asked to confirm the PIN change.

In the end, hopefully, the above methods helped you to reset the HP Printer default admin password. However, if you aren’t able to reset HP Printer default admin password or WiFi Password using the above mentioned methods or solutions, let us know in the comment section.

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