How to Reset Epson Printer to Factory Settings?


Whether one works in an office or at home, a printer is a necessity these days. Generally, a printer converts the input from a computer into a printable format on a sheet of paper. With that being said, the usefulness of a printer goes beyond a normal print out.

Most experts recommend purchasing a branded printer such as the one from Epson. According to them, branded printers come across with a number of benefits. It becomes even more useful when connected to the internet.

However, there is also a downside to it: sometimes there can be an issue with the connectivity of an Epson printer. To be on the safe side in these kinds of situations., you should know how to reset Epson printer.

Do you wish to reset your Epson printer to its factory settings?  If yes, then read on to know more about how to reset Epson printer to factory settings.

How do I factory reset my Epson printer?

Resetting the network settings of a printer disconnects it from any computer system which is connected to it.  Once this happens, it becomes necessary to reinstall the printer software in order to establish the connection between a computer and a printer.

You might face the requirement to reset the network settings for your Epson printer in case there is an issue with its output. This can happen at any point in time if your job role involves working with a printer or you need to use one every now and then.

Here are some of the simple steps which you can perform to restore the factory settings of your Epson printer

  • Look for a button with the icon of a home on the control panel of your computer. This button will help you to get back to the home menu at any point in time. Do not hesitate to use it when required while resetting a printer to its factory settings.
  • Next, press the left or the right arrow to choose setup and then press ok.


Setup Reset Epson Printer

  • Now, press one of the keys to restore default settings and press OK thereafter.
  • Press the arrow pointing toward the downward direction to choose reset network settings and press OK.


Network setting Epson

  • Depending on the requirement, you can either select “yes” or “ok” to reset the network settings of your printer.
  • You can return to the home menu at any point in time by pressing the button with the home icon on it.

The above steps work fine with a majority of Epson printers. There can be a number of other underlying issues due to which your Epson printer may not function as per your requirement. In such cases, it becomes important that you have it examined by an expert technician. Better yet, consider reaching out to the appropriate help-desk of the company to find a quick resolution to the issue with your printer.

Final Thoughts

It is commonplace to find printers working in tandem with computers by virtue of internet connectivity at workplaces. Depending on the volatility and the kind of internet connection one uses, an issue with internet connectivity can appear without a prior notice at any point in time.  And when such issues affect the connectivity of a printer it can give anyone a real hard time.

If you happen to be a user of Epson Printer, you can rely on yourself to find a solution to most network connectivity issues with your printer. Remember that a majority of these issues can be fixed by simply restoring the network settings of your printer to its factory version. Now that you know how to reset an Epson printer to factory settings, make a point of using the above steps during troubleshooting after exhausting the other steps.

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