How to reset a forgotten password on windows 10, 7 & 8


In order to reset a forgotten password on windows 10

  • This is the basic way out, one user needs to enter the Windows password reset account available on the website
  • Select resetting password option from the list
  • Choose “I forgot my password” from the drop down list if you are trying to get the access back by resetting password.
  • The website will then verify your identity through any registered email or the contact number by sending one time passcodes or specific emails.
  • The passcode pops up and your get access to your system by using the same.
  • N worst cases the system might need rebooting or downloading specific application for the same work.

In order to reset a forgotten password on windows 7

  • One can get back access by using a password reset disk on windows 7
  • Make sure the disc is in the system as you type the wrong password.
  • The button below saying “reset password” needs to be clicked
  • The password reset wizard appears on screen and you must click next button
  • Select the password reset disc from the drop down list and click next
  • Now you can keep a new password and get it secured by hint question setup
  • Click next followed by finish to end the process and enter the system with new password
  • Password can also be reset using the reboot facility which may lead to loss of data from the system
  • Command prompt method can also be used to reset password effectively

In order to reset a forgotten password on windows 8

  • User can use the Microsoft account to get the password reset without using the reset disc
  • One can reset password by using the hint question that pops up after typing the wrong password.
  • User can always access the system by inserting the reset disc and boot the system after which it will open the troubleshoot menu and select the advanced options
  • Click on command prompt button on the page
  • Type diskpart command and press enter. Then listvol is to be typed and disk partition list can be viewed from which you can find your windows installation partition.
  • Type exit to move out of the page
  • Following command can be given in the box
    • D:
    • cd windows
    • cd system 32
    • ren utilman.exe utilman.exe.bak
    • cpy cmd.exe utilman.exe
  • these commands will do the necessary and boot the system
  • after that click on the ease of access button on top left
  • this opens command prompt window
  • type net user and press enter
  • enter command and reset the password
  • Restart the system and enter with new password.
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  1. Henry says:

    I have forgotten the password and i do not use a microsoft account to log in to my computer windows 10. Is there a way to save the files before resetting the computer?

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