How to open zip file on iphone


To make the data occupy less space, we usually zip the files and then transfer them to one another or save them for ourselves. We make sure that your files have been reduced to the minimal size and then floated in the work environment.

Sending zip files and accessing them is easy in most of the devices, however, in the case of iPhones, it does not come by default. However, to open zip file on iPhone, you can use free, third-party applications which will ensure that you can access these files and further send them or even save them for yourself.

Below we have listed out two top ways for you. Read on to find out how to open zip file on iPhone:

 1.  iZip

iZip is a third-party application and you can use it to download and view the zip files’ content on your iPhone and even send it to another person.

How do I open a zip file on my iPhone with iZip?

  •    Reach out for the AppStore option in your iPhone on your home screen and tap on it.
  •    In the search box, enter iZip and then press the search button.
  •    Select the iZip that comes up and then click on Free and then finally click on the Install option.
  •    Your iPhone will probably ask you for your confidential details now which is your email Id and your password.
  •    Enter your details and click on Continue.
  •    Your application will be downloaded.
  •    After you have downloaded the file, reach out for the zip file on your mail, browser, or any other source where you have it saved.
  •    Click on the file and then click on the option Open in iZip.
  •    Tap on OK to unzip all the files in the same. You can also press Cancel, if you do not want to unzip the file.
  •    Once the download is over, you can click on the files to view them and zip them back again if you wish to send them to someone else.

The app iZip is supportive of all types of files including Microsoft Office documents, PDFs. Images, and also Apple iLife documents.

2. WinZip

This is another option for you to unzip your files and save them to yourself in your iPhones.

How to open zip files on iPhone 6?

  •    From the App Store download the WinZip app in the same way. Enter your password and mail to authorize downloading.
  •    Open your email ID or web browser to view the attachment you wish to unzip.
  •    Tap on the file and click on Open with WinZip option.
  •    This will let you view the content in the zipped file and you can download them as well.
  •    You can also zip the file back to save it for yourself or to send it to someone else.

Both of these third-party applications are free of cost, and you can download them for your use and use them endlessly.

Get to unzip your files on iPhone with these free third-party applications.

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  1. Reow says:

    How do i move the open zip files to a different location in my iphone? I want to set a folder so that all the zip files go into that folder and not to random locations in my phone drive

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