How to Install Operating System on New Computer?


Do you have the DVD/CD to install the Operating System. If not, you can purchase them from any retail shop available near you. Nowadays the Windows Operating System also come in a USB flash drive, you can purchase that if your new computer does not come with a DVD/CD Drive. Or you can also download the Operating Systemsonline from the Microsoft website and transfer the downloaded files to a DVD or a USB flash drive (16 GB flash drive recommended).

Here is the how to install Operating System on New Computer

Now, when you have the DVD/CD or the USB flash drive, you need to configure your computer to boot from either DVD/CD if you are using a DVD or boot using USB device.

And to change the boot sequence order, you will need to enter the BIOS of your computer and chance the boot up sequence(depending on the brand of your computer, you will need to press some specific function keys to access it).

Once you have set the boot sequence, restart your computer and the computer will automatically detect the device and begin the operating system installation process.

You will be asked some basic configuration questions such as choosing the keyboard layout, date and time zone, connecting it to the WiFi or the internet, creating a user account name using a Microsoft account or as a local user account and if you want the computer to perform automatic updates.

Follow the onscreen instruction and select all those option as per your choice. The installation process will take from 45 mins to 1 hour and once it is completed your windows will be ready.

Additional tips – If in case you are installing a new version of Windows, while installation you will be asked a question if you want to upgrade to the new operating system. Choose the option, erase the current operating system and install the new operating system. We hope this article will help you for how to install operating system on new computer.

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