How To Install HP Printer Software on Window


Now a days, in-built drivers are integrated with windows supporting printers. Printers can be connected to a computer in 3 ways, through a cable by USB or ETHERNET or through a wireless network.

Before initiating any process devices (printer, computer) should be switched on

Step 1: set your computer and windows to automatically download driver software. Change device installation and click change device installation settings control panel. Select option yes and save changes

Step 2: Printer’s connection to the network should be assured. Connect printer and computer through a USB cable. If Found new hardware window appears, follow the instructions to install the driver, and then try to print.

To Connect the printer by Wireless Setup Wizard

To connect the printer to the network, use the Wireless Setup Wizard on the printer. Network name, security password (WEP key or WPA passphrase) should be kept handy. Wireless printer and computer should be switched on. Touch the setup network or wireless menu on the printer’s control panel and then touch wireless setup wizard. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect the printer. Press and hold the Wireless button. Leave the button when the wireless light starts blinking. Press and release the WPS button on the wireless router

Connect through Wired connection to the network

Ethernet cable can be used to connect the printer with a wired router. Switch on the printer and connect the Ethernet cable with the printer and the router. Install the printer driver through an Add a Printer option.

Start the Add a Printer wizard to install the built-in print driver through a wireless or wired network connection (Windows 10, 8). Click on Control Panel and select View devices and printers and click on Add Printer.

Select a device/printer to add to this PC.

If the printer is there in the list, then select it and click Next. If the printer is not in the list then click The printer I want isn’t listed and then select Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings prompt.

Click Next to Select the port to be used for a USB connected printer. Select your HP device from the Manufacturer’s pane.

USB connection (Windows 10, 8)

In Windows 8 and 10 there is a built-in print driver for a USB connection. Search and go to control panel. Click View devices and printers. Click Add a printer.

Select a device or printer to add to this PC

If the printer is in the list, select it and click Next. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the driver. If the printer is not in the list, continue to the next step. Click The printer I want isn’t listed, and then select Add a local printer or network printer through manual settings option and click next.

Select the optional port and click Next. Select Windows Update and let the printer drivers update. Select your HP device from the Manufacturer’s pane. Select the name of the printer in the Printers pane and Click Next. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the driver. Reconnect the USB cable after disconnecting it from the computer.

Step 4: check by printing a document

Step 5: try by Scanning a document

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