how to get rid of a computer virus?


There are few warning signs that a computer shows indicating the computer is infected with virus.

The warnings are

1. Computer programs running or opening up by themselves that you did not turn on yourself.

2. The computer is running very slow.

3. Loud sound from the hard drive of the computer

4. Pop-up messages appearing on your computer screen and you are unable to remove them.

To get rid of a computer virus completely from the computer, you can use anti-virus software and run a complete scan on the computer.

But here we will discuss additional manual steps we can take to confirm a 100% virus removal from the computer. Entering the Safe Mode to delete all temporary files and disk clean up.

(By doing this, we are deleting files so that it will speed up the virus scanning and it also gets rid of a computer virus if the virus was programmed to start when the computer starts.)

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