How to Get Netflix on Direct TV?


Netflix is the major player in this online streaming world. It was started back in 1997 with an idea of using the internet for streaming media to the whole world. Who knew that one day their dream will come true? I guess no one. But they have proved themselves that everyone is capable of doing anything. Earlier, it was famously known for its mail-order VHS and subsequently DVD-rentals. Now also they are doing the same thing, it’s just they have done a huge upgrade in their dreams.

Till date, Netflix is available across various devices in over 190 countries. They have a huge collection of TV series, Movies, documentaries, etc and they also scream their original stuff. You can watch them on a number of devices using many payment schemes. Though there are many options available, have you ever thought of watching it on a bigger screen? It will be amazing. There are various ways to do so. So here are five ways for how to get Netflix on TV or smart TV:


There are 4 major operating systems in the world of smart TV: Tizen, WebOS, Android TV, and Roku TV. All of these operating systems offer Netflix on it.

To get Netflix on Smart TV, Use:

  • Check whether your TV is Smart or not. If yes, please proceed forward.
  • Connect the Smart TV to your internet. It can be Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  • Open your smart TV apps.
  • Go to the Netflix App and open it.
  • Log in using your Netflix account.
  • Browse using your TV remote.


Sometimes your TV hardware doesn’t support all the apps perfectly. For that option, you can buy a Chromecast dongle and cast Netflix directly from your mobile or tablet.

To use Chromecast Dongle on your Smart TV, follow:

  • Buy a Chromecast if you are an Android or iPhone user.
  • Connect the device to the TV’s HDMI cable.
  • Give Chromecast an excess to the power-source.
  • Open your TV and choose the Chromecast’s input.
  • Download the Chromecast App on your phone.
  • Launch that App and click on the “Devices” tab.
  • Select “Setup” and then “Setup” again.
  • You will receive a code on your phone and TV. If it matches, tap “I see the code.”
  • Give Chromecast a name. This step is optional.
  • Select the wireless network of your choice.
  • Wait for your device to get updated.
  • Download the Netflix app on your Phone.
  • Open the app and log in to your account.
  • Tap the Chromecast button and select your device.
  • Find the desired video on the Netflix app. Play it.
  • Use the Netflix app whenever you want to watch anything on your TV.


Apple is the company that doesn’t offer any excess to Chromecast, HDMI cable support or any other service. They want you to install their own platform’s version of the app.

To operate Netflix on Apple TV, Use:

  • If you are an iPhone user, go for Apple TV.
  • Connect Apple device to your TV using the HDMI.
  • Change the input of your TV, i.e., Apple TV.
  • Open the Bluetooth on your iPhone.
  • Keep your iPhone next to the Apple TV.
  • Enter your Apple ID and Password.
  • Follow the steps to finish the setup process.
  • Use the TV remote to select and start the Netflix App. Log in to your account.
  • Use the remote to find the desired video and play it.


HDMI is the best option for anyone who doesn’t want to spend much money. A person can buy from the market or online. So how will it work for Netflix? It works with the help of a PC, i.e., Windows or Mac.

To use HDMI Cable on your TV, follow:


  • Click on the “Start Menu”.
  • There, Select “Mobility Center”.
  • Find a box called “External Display”.
  • Choose “Connect Display”.
  • You will notice a pop out on the screen, choose “Second Screen Only”.
  • Your screen will go black and you will be able to see the display on your TV.


  • Open “Apple” menu.
  • Click on “System Preferences”.
  • Choose “Displays”.
  • Click on the “Option” Key.
  • Select “Detect Displays” in the right-hand of the screen.
  • You will see that your Mac screen is showing on your TV.


You can also use Game Console for how to get Netflix on TV or smart TV. It will work as a TV remote. Here are some steps for using it:

  • Power on your Console.
  • Install the Netflix App.
  • Start the Netflix App and log in.
  • Use Console to select the desired video.

We hope that you find this article helpful and explains how to get Netflix on TV without purchasing any additional devices. Netflix has designed its streaming-video service or you can download Netflix shows or movies as well.

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