How to Get Free Netflix Account


Have you ever heard about Netflix? It is the best online streaming service that has the best collection of movies and TV shows. You just need a good internet and you can watch some popular stuff. This service has more than 109 million members across 190 countries. In 1997, it has begun as a mail-order DVD rental service and since then it has upgraded in a great way. If we talked about its major global expansion, Netflix has reached Ireland in the year 2016.

On the Internet, you can never find something like this site. But there is only one drawback that it is paid. You generally have to pay some amount for the subscriptions but the best part is that you get the first month of Netflix subscription for free. And to avoid paying, you can cancel the membership before the end of the month. Always remember that it’s legally impossible to get free Netflix account forever, though you can create multiple accounts to enjoy multiple free one-month subscriptions if you have an option of several payment methods.

We understand that sometimes it’s very hard to afford the subscriptions. So there are some ways for how to get free Netflix account. Here we go,

Sharing Netflix Account with Others.

The basic Netflix plan gives you permission to watch one movie/show at a time and also you can download Netflix shows and movies, but the standard and premium give you permission to watch different content from different devices. When we talk about a Standard plan, you can watch two different content at the same time, while on the premium plan, you can watch up to four content at once.

Moreover, a Standard plan doesn’t support HD streaming, so if your any close person has a Netflix subscription, they will either have a standard plan or premium plan. If that person really very close to you, then you can ask him for their password and username. It will help you to log in and watch whatever you like without any interfering.

It will be free for you.

Method to share the Netflix Account:

You can create up to five different profiles on Netflix. And the best part is that every account has their own watch list and recommendations. It is simple to separate Netflix profiles.

  • Open Netflix.
  • Choose your User ID icon from the upper corner of the app.
  • Select “Manage Profiles”
  • Click on “Add Profile”


Sharing Netflix Account with Others

  • Give a name to your profile and select “Continue”
  • Later, select “Done”.


Add name on profile

Note: There is the same password for every profile.

Get Additional Free Netflix Trials

If you patient enough and don’t care about the same account, then you can go for Netflix multiple free trials. Though it’s not a guaranteed method and there is nothing to hurry. But somehow it’s completely genuine. So how does it work? Let’s discuss it in the next paragraph.

When a person chooses the “free trial” option on Netflix, but cancel Netflix subscription before it ends, Netflix will eventually do the same and your money will remain safe.

Method to Sign Up for a Free Netflix Trial:

Under normal situations, you can sign up using a single Netflix free trial. But it’s not impossible to sign up for more trials if you can go for different billing methods. Here you will not need credit cards for money, but for the free subscriptions.

Paying methods: Debit cards, credit cards, PayPal account, Netflix gift codes, etc.

Here we go:

  • Open Netflix.
  • Click on “Join free for a month”
  • Choose “See the plan”
  • Choose the respective plan and select “continue”.


Choose the respective Netflix plan

  • Enter your email ID and password.


Add Email ID

  • Select the payment method.


Select the payment method

  • Enter personal details and billing data.
  • Lastly, click on “Start Membership”.

It’s very important to repeat the same process with different ID and payment methods. It will help you to get new trials. If you don’t have many credit cards, you can signup Netflix for more free trials. The best part is that Netflix doesn’t check your credit card number, so it’s easy to use the same card for many times.

Guidelines for this method:

It is very important to cancel the subscription before the trial period gets over. You will be charged if you forget to cancel it. There are some steps to cancel it:

  • Log in to Netflix.
  • Select your user icon.
  • Go to “Account”.
  • Click on “Cancel Membership”.
  • Select “Finish Cancellation”

There are many methods for how to get free Netflix account. But these were two genuine methods on which you can easily rely. Do you find this Article helpful? Please share your experience with PHLAdvisors.

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