How to Fix Windows Store Error Code 0x80072ee7


Windows error 0x80072ee7 is encountered by users when accessing the store. The Microsoft store fails to connect and throws this error. The network cannot be established even when the user has an active internet connection

Contact your ISP

Your internet service provider may be able to fix this issue for you. In many instances, the network connection may be getting blocked due to their own settings. These settings will be removed by the ISP provider, after which you will be able to access Microsoft Store.

Further, if the internet isn’t working then you should register a complaint with your ISP. Usually, the connection is restored within 24 hours of registering the complaint. If your internet connection is working fine and you’re still getting windows error code 0x80072ee7, then follow the methods provided below:

Change DNS Server

Microsoft may be blocking access to your DNS server. To resolve this, you can use the free DNS servers provided by Google. These DNS servers are free of cost and can be incorporated into your system without permission from the provider.

Once the DNS server is changed, you can access the Microsoft store without encountering error 0x80072ee7 in windows. To do the same, follow the steps provided below:

  • Log into Your System
  • Open Control Panel


Control Panel

  • Open View Network Connections


View Network Connection

    • From there, select the Network you’re currently using
    • Right click  on the selected network


  • Click on Properties


Search Network option

  • Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)
  • Click on Properties
  • Select the DNS Address
  • In the DNS server, type in
  • In the Alternate DNS Server, enter
  • Click on Ok


Change DNS Setting

Restart your system. Now open Microsoft store. This time you should not get the error 0x80072ee7. Further, you will now be able to access the internet on the free DNS provided by Google. If you are finding it hard to follow these steps, then you can ask your ISP to do the same for you. They should put these settings into place without charging any extra amount.

Antivirus Software

Serucity software such as antivirus can often block network connections. This software may mistake the Microsoft store connection to be bad and hence block them. This has been reported by many users, hence can be the obvious scenario in your case. To resolve windows error 0x80072ee7 when it is caused by a security softweare, you can simply disable the security software. If the issue is resolved, then you can contact the software provider for further steps.

Also, remember that the same is true for Windows firewall. If the firewall is blocking the connection, simply disable it to check for the outcome. If the network works, then add Microsoft store as a trusted app so that you may not encounter error 0x80072ee7 again.

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  1. Barkley Luther says:

    The error code 0x80072ee7 popped up on the first time i got the error and i wrote it down somewhere. However now, there is no error code, only a message that DNS Server is not responding – Detected. on running the windows troubleshoot. I contacted my ISP and they informed that the issue is not from their end as the internet connection is fine. I changed to obtain DNS server automatically and manually entering it but none of them works.

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