How to Delete Contacts on iPhone


iPhones generally come with a huge memory space. As a result, the users of iDevices do not have to worry about space-related limitations when storing audio, video, or any other kind of files. And when it comes to storing contacts in the phone book of your iPhone, you can literally store as many as you please.

However, there is a downside to it: things may get out of hand in no time due to the storage of excess contacts. When you feel that there are more contacts than you need for your day-to-day interaction, you may want to delete the contacts that you do not use frequently.

However, this is precisely where the crux of the matter lies. Because iPhone come across with the ability to store virtually unlimited contacts, the process of how to delete contacts on iPhone isn’t quite obvious. you may not find the solution on the go.

While it is a piece of cakewalk to delete one or a couple of contacts, things can be a little complicated at tricky when it comes for how to delete all contacts on iPhone. No one has the time or for that matter patience to delete each and every contact one by one. Here is how to delete all contacts on iPhone by performing a few easy steps

How to delete contacts on iPhone 6 and other variants of iPhone

Prior to erasing all the contacts on your iPhone, it is necessary to back up all your contacts on iCloud. It doesn’t take much effort, though.

If you are wondering how to delete multiple contacts on iPhone, you need is a computer or a Mac device to do so. Sign in with the same email ID and open the contacts to select multiple contacts at once and delete them. However, the steps given below are the fundamental steps that you can use to delete the contacts individually.

Follow these simple steps to transfer all the contacts on your iPhone.

  • Tap the settings icon and open it. You will be required to follow different processes on different iPhone depending upon the version of the device. Once you are done with this step, you can proceed to the next one.
  • Toggle of contacts.
  • Now your screen will show two options: “delete from my iPhone” and “keep on my iPhone”. However, you need to hang on a moment. Choose “keep on my iPhone”.
  • Toggle back contacts once again and then tap merge
  • With the previous step, all your contacts will be stored in iCloud. Toggle off contacts yet again.
  • Now click the “delete from my iPhone” option.
  • Go to your account and choose Yahoo, Gmail or any other email provider which you have an email account with.
  • Toggle of contacts linked to each account and then select the “delete from my iPhone” option.
  • when you repeat this process with all the email service providers with which you have an account, you will not be left with the contacts linked to any other account except for Facebook. You just need to delete those contacts to get your job done. Now, go to the settings app and select Facebook.
  • Toggle contacts one more time and that’s it – you will see all the contacts disappearing from your iPhone until you bring them back again.

The aforementioned steps relate to the method which will help you erase or get rid of unwanted contacts that occupy the space of phone book on your iPhone. Though there are also some other processes which will help you for how to delete contacts on iPhone 6 or any other model, the one listed in this article is, by far, the easiest. As this one is based on the basic functionalities, you would not feel the need to worry about downloading any third party app. So, go ahead and use these tips to delete multiple contacts iPhone that you wish not to have in your phone book.

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