How to delete apps on iphone 7


If you own an iPhone, chances are you may also like to store numerous applications on your iPhone. Have you ever asked this question: How do I delete apps on iPhone 7?

Whether you think about installing productivity applications or games, it is both tempting and easy to not only buy the applications from the app store but also store them on your iPhone.

However, the only downside to it is that you’ll reach a point wherein your applications start crowding your device. You are likely to find that you need to clear up some space for installing updates later on. While it is a good idea to get rid of apps periodically, you may want to give it a miss considering the huge internal space with which the phone comes.

Fortunately, iPhone’s also have some third party apps using which you can delete apps on iPhone 7 that you stop using a few days or months ago. How do you delete apps on iPhone 7 then? Read on to find it out.

How to delete an app on iPhone 7

Delete  iPhone 7 apps by typing”X”

If you wish to delete an App on your iOS device, it is simple:  you just need to hold an app icon until the remaining one start wiggling. When this happens, they also show a little x at the top left corner.  you are also likely to see certain Apps without this sign. You might wonder why it is so. The ones that do not feature the x at the top are the default apps. As a standard rule iOS does not allow the deletion of the default apps.

As soon as you type the X, a dialogue box appears with the option of delete. When you press the option, not only the app but the data associated with it also gets deleted. If you only want to have the app deleted but not its data, you may want to think about it again.


Delete App on iPhone 7

From settings

There is another easy way to delete applications on an iPhone:  the settings app. If you are using iOS 11/10 on your iPhone 7, you can manage the task of deleting apps in quick time. All you need to do to delete the apps without breaking a sweat is go storage managing page. Here is the path you need to follow to delete unwanted and heavy applications on your iPhone7:

Settings> General> Storage & iCloud Storage> Manage Storage


Delete App on iPhone

Using iPhone 7 Cleaning Tool

Want to remove the apps that you don’t want on your iPhone 7? The professional iPhone cleaner can help you do this without any hassle. The app, “PhoneClean” is tailor-made to do this so you are able to free some space on your iPhone whenever the bulky and unused applications start eating it up on your phone. Using this application, you can execute the task with a single click. To simplify matters while using this procedure to delete applications on your iPhone, follow the steps given below.

  • Download the PhoneClean application on your desktop or laptop and then install it thereafter on whichever device you have between the two.


Phone Clean App

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer or laptop using a cable. Next, run the PhoneClean application on your computer and click Toolbox. Now click App Clean.


Phone Clean Toolbox

  • The next thing you need to do is select the applications that you wish to send to the trash icon on the top right corner for removing the apps on iPhone 7.


Select Application


While there are also some other means to delete the applications on your iPhone 7, nothing does the job better than the inbuilt-app. Furthermore, because it is about deleting the app, you may not want to add a third-party application to do the job. If you have wondered how to delete apps on iPhone 7 Plus & how to delete app on iPhone X, you can also do so following the above methods. So, try the steps mentioned above and free some space on your Apple device by deleting the unwanted applications permanently.

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  1. Hofasi says:

    Thanks for the tips. The crack on the screen was not allowing me to select the app i wanted to remove from the phone. The second method on how to delete the app in iphone using the settings did the trick

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