How to Delete All Photos from iCloud Storage


The process to how to delete photos from iCloud storage is simple and can be done very quickly too. If you ever wanted to free up some space in the cloud storage space and were still doubtful about how to delete all photos from iCloud our article would definitely be of use to you. At times we face this problem and find it confusing to delete photos from iCloud hence let us know:

The steps how to delete photos from iCloud storage by doing the following:

  • First of all you need to download the Copy Trans Cloudly on your system


copytrans cloudly

  • Start the app and enter the required fields that is your apple id and password in the dialog box
  • Allow the connection on only one device in case you have two factor authentication enabled on the system that you are using


Allow Connection

  • Now you will receive the apple id verification code which you must enter on need


Apple verification Code

  • The iCloud photo and video library will be loaded in some time
  • Now you can click on the delete option available at the library


Copytrans delete option

  • A checkbox will be available which you must click to confirm the deletion of all the photos and videos from the storage
  • The deleting process will take some time and then all the storage will be clear of the files that you removed.

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