How to crop a video on iPhone


When you shoot a video for the first time, it’s not necessary that it will land as per your wish. Events may happen when you take pointless data or even dark bars in the photos. In such case, no compelling reason to restart, you can without much of a stretch crop the video and get what you truly need.

Then, where to start for how to crop video on iPhone? Here beneath is little reference to a portion of the helpful methods which you can use for how to crop a video on iPhone.

Choose any method as per your preference and follow the steps accordingly.

Method 1: Using Photos App

Can you crop a video on iPhone using the Photos App? Yes, of course! Just follow the below mentioned steps to do so.

Method 2: Using Video crop-Crop and resize video App

Want to learn how to crop a video on iPhone? Just go to the App Store and pick the Video Crop-Crop and Resize Video app. Use the app following the below mentioned steps.

Method 3: Using iMovie App

Using iMovie app is another method for how to crop a video on iPhone in the proportion, you want. Just follow the steps and learn the process.

How do you crop a video on iPhone? Just follow any of the above methods and get the video as per your preference. Also you can edit videos on iPhone.

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