How to create windows 10 bootable usb


There are many way to create windows 10 bootable USB and we will discuss some in this page. To know

  • how to create windows 10 bootable USB we just
  • require some basic idea about the windows and its tools. We will first know how to
  • make windows 10 bootable USB in a very traditional and reliable style.
  • This would need a USB stick (minimum 8 GB) empty or formatted quick.
  • Now you need to download windows USB or DVD download tool on the computer
  • Run the program on the computer
  • One ISO image file will be required which can be obtained by using media creation tool.
  • Selecting and running the ISO image process will be done
  • This will create the windows 10n bootable USB.

The process is simple and would take less time too.

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