How to connect HP printer to computer


Pre-installed drivers come integrated with windows which support almost all printers. However, there are other ways to connect an HP printer to the computer. Knowing how your printer is connected to the computer can come in pretty handy when you face any printer problem. You can actually detect where the problem lies and troubleshoot it.

There are 3 ways your printer can be connected to a computer; directly with a USB cable, through a wired network using an Ethernet cable, and through a wireless network.

  1. USB CONNECTION: A USB connection is common for home printing. To see if you are using a USB connection, check to see is a USB cable is connected between your HP printer and your computer. The end of the cable that connects to your printer looks like a cube and the end that connects to the computer looks like a cuboid.
  2. WIRED NETWORK CONNECTION: In a wired network connection, your HP printer is connected to your computer on a network through a network cable. To see if you are connected through a wired connection, check to see if a network cable is connected to your HP printer. In some cases, you might also have a phone cable connected to your printer. Both these cables look pretty similar. The phone cable is typically flat and smaller around than a network cable. If you are connected to a network with an active wired connection, the port the cable is plugged into on the printer will have lights on it that might or might not be lit up.
  3. WIRELESS NETWORK: If your printer is not connected with a cable, it might be connected to a wireless network. To determine if your printer is connected to a wireless network, look for a small blue light located on the printer next to the wireless symbol. If the printer is connected to a wireless network, you will see a solid blue light on the printer. If the blue light is blinking, then the printer is trying to connect to a wireless network but is not connected. If there is no blue light on the printer, then your printer is not connected to a wireless network.

Now that you know how your printer is connected to your computer, you can better troubleshoot printer problems. There may be times when you are not able to connect your printer to the computer and nothing seems to work, in that case, you can contact HP printer support. They will remotely access your computer and try to establish a connection between your computer and the printer. Also, it is advisable that after connecting your printer to the computer, you always print a test page. What this will do is let you know whether or not the printer if working efficiently.

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