How to Connect Epson Printer to WiFi Router on Mac?


To connect the Epson Printer to Wi-Fi, you can set up a peer-to-peer with a quick Connection Mode. This connects your system with a wireless connection directly to the projector. While making use of this type of connection to Epson printer Wi-Fi, you cannot connect the system to the Internet. Thus, ensure the Easy MP Network Projection application is already installed on your system and the presentation to connect Epson printer to Wi-Fi on your computer. To connect to the projector to Epson printer Wi-Fi setup, connect Your Computer to the Projector. However, if you are unable to connect Epson Printer to Wi-Fi on mac, our technical team are always available to provide excellent support service for Epson Printer Wi-Fi Setup.  

Note: Your system should have a built-in wireless interface or wireless card that is supported in Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP Professional x64, Windows XP, Windows 7, or OS X 10.5.8 to 10.10.x.

Important: The software need to be set up with the network connection before setting up with the Epson Printer. To set up the network connectivity, began sheet for the product directions. To view the sheet, go to the main page of Epson support, select your product, and select Manuals and Warranty, and then Start Here.

Resolution to Connect Epson Printer to Wi-Fi or Router on Mac

  1. Download the software
  1. Start the Epson Printer Connectivity Setup utility
  1. Click to Continue
  1. Click Agree to the application License Agreement by selecting continue, and then Click Agree.
  1. Click to Install, and click Close.
  1. Choose your software, and then click Next
    Note: If the window does not automatically appear, go the window and click Application > select the Epson Software, and then click twice to connect Printer Setup.
  1. Select Printer Registration, and then click Next
  1. Once the message appear for Register Epson printer to Connect , select OK.
  1. Scroll down and click to the appeared message ‘I accept all the Terms and Conditions’, and then select Next
  1. If you want to make a new account, enter the credentials in the form to generate a new Epson Connect Account, and then choose Finish
  1. In case you have already registered a recent software with an existing account, click to the window message ‘I have an account’ and fill the form’, and then choose Add.
  1. Click to Close

Setting up the Projector

  1. Connect to the Wireless LAN module of the projector’s USB-A port.

Note: The Wireless LAN module might be an elective part for the projector.

    1. Start the projector.


    1. On the remote control, Click the Menu button, choose the Network menu, then press Next


    1. Choose the Network Configuration, and then press Next


    1. Choose the Wireless LAN menu, and then press Ok


    1. Choose the Basic menu, and then press ok. Choose the Projector Name, and then press ok


    1. Enter an easy name you can identify, then click Finish.


    1. Choose the Security menu, and then press ok. Change Security setting to No.


    1. Choose the Complete menu, and then press ok, and click Yes, then press Next.


    1. Click Esc to exit the menus.


    1. Install the simple MP Network Projection program on the system you project. To download and install the application, visit the Easy MP Network Projection application page, choose Download within Easy MP Network Projection, and then perform the on-screen instructions.

Connecting Your Computer to the Projector

    1. Connect the wireless LAN module to your projector’s USB-A port.


    1. In your system’s list of wireless networks, choose the projector’s name which you entered in the Basic menu projectors.

Note: You might be unable to connect to the projector when few menus are demonstrated. Press Esc to exit menus.

    1. Begin the Easy MP Network Projection program.


    1. Choose the Quick Connection Mode, and then click OK.


    1. Choose the projector, and then click Connect.


    1. Your system and projector are connected now.

Connect Epson Printer to Wi-Fi or Router

  1. For the Wi-Fi printer part, add all the cartridges
  1. Select one from the two choices:


    • You use the setup and Epson disk through Windows, and then you see the Router or Access Point the IP the printer received.


    • You can use a router with OTS feature by pressing a secure network
  1. Now go to Printers, add Printer, search for a Network printer and you get connected to Wi-Fi.

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