How to Connect Brother Printer to WiFi?


Follow the steps provided below on how to connect brother printer to WiFi. The set up steps may differ depending on brother printer models but the process is all the same.

Here are the steps to connect Brother printer to WiFi

  • Connect your Brother printer to the AC power outlet (make sure it is connected directly and not through a power surge).
  • Power on your Brother printer.
  • On the Brother printer control panel, Press Menu.
  • Press the arrow buttons (Up and Down buttons) and search for Network. And press OK when it is highlighted on Network.
  • Press the arrow keys and press OK when it is highlighted on WLAN.
  • Press the arrow keys and select Setup Wizard and press OK.
  • Enable the wireless network when prompt and this will start the wireless setup wizard.
  • The printer will run a scan of all the available WiFi available in the area and display a list of Wireless network in your area.
  • Use the arrows key to search for your WiFi network name and press OK.
  • Enter the password of your WiFi network and press OK to get connected to the WiFi and save your settings.
  • The brother printer will now try to connect with the WiFi that you have selected.

If the connection was successful, the printer will display that the printer is connected to the WiFi and print a wireless status report. If you are are unable to connect your friend’s brother printer to your WiFi after following these steps, please leave a note so that i can help you further. Good Luck

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