How to change password on windows 10 & 7


Having doubts on how to change computer password on windows 10 or want to know how to change password on windows 7? You are at the right point now.

Come let us learn the steps to change password windows 10:

  • Go to start button at the bottom left on screen
  • Go to settings from the list shown
  • Select the accounts from that option
  • Click on the sign in option from the list
  • Go to change on the change your account password dialog
  • For changing the old password you need to enter and sign in to windows using the old password
  • Microsoft will SMS a four digit code to your associated phone number which you can one time to log in, this is basically to verify the details and number.
  • After pressing enter you can input your pin digit and press enter
  • You will be redirected to a dialog box where you have to enter the old password and then the new password followed by re-entering the new password for confirmation and then press enter.
  • The message saying you have successfully changed your password proves the task to be completed.

No let’s see how to change password on windows 7:

  • Click the start button and move to control panel
  • Choose the user account and family safety link in the options.
  • Select user account button
  • The change your password option is available where the user account link is available
  • Enter your current password followed by new password and a re-enter to assure the confirmation of the new password.
  • Thus the password can be changed like this

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