How to Block a Phone Number on iPhone


Easy steps to prevent unwanted users from making calls to your number on iPhone

If the unwanted calls from salespersons and other people have started bothering you off late, it is high time you considered the option of blocking such calls. Wondering how to block a phone number on iPhone? Well, Apple has a solution for you to do so with ease.

How you can block a phone number on iPhone? Go through the subsequent sections to know more about it.

How do I block a phone number on my iPhone?

If you have been seeking an answer to this question here is what you may want to do.

Put a contact on the blocked list

This is one of the simple steps that you can perform to address the solution of getting unwanted calls from strangers and other intruders.

In order to block a person’s phone number, follow these steps logically.

Settings> phone> call blocking and identification> block contact.


Block Phone Number on iPhone

After pressing the block contact option, you will find a “contacts” window with all the contacts. Just tap the contact which you wish to block. Once you conclude this step, it will direct you to a new window with the names of the contacts that have been successfully blocked.

Alternatively, you can also go to settings and from there you can block the contacts by either using FaceTime or Messages. However, you would still need to follow the instructions given above to block a contact successfully.

How to block a phone number on iPhone from contacts that are not saved in the phonebook

Sometimes you may want to block a number which is not stored on the contact list of your iPhone. As is the case with the majority of callers, you are also likely to wonder how to block a phone number on iPhone to block unwanted calls. Fortunately, iPhone gives you an option to deal with this situation too.

Follow these steps:

Phone app> Recents

Next, find the number and the contact name which you wish to put on the block list. You’ll see a blue “i” enclosed in a circle. You will find it on the right side of the number. Now go to the bottom and tap the option that says “Block This Caller”.


How to Block Number on iPhone

Once you are done with this step, you will get a notification on the screen stating that you will not get messages, phone calls or FaceTime from the people whose names are included on the block list. Together with the notification, you will get two more options: Block Contact and Cancel. Hit the first option to get rid of the unwanted calls from a particular number.

How do I block a phone number on my iPhone using Messages?

Do you know you can block a number from contacting you on iPhone by using the “messages” option? If you have never considered using this option before, you should try it out now. It is a simple and straightforward method to get rid of the ordeal of answering unwanted calls.

This option only works if a contact, whom you wish to block, sends a message to your phone number. Select a message thread of the messages sent by the contact and tap the “i” option on the right side in the upper corner. Next, tap on their number block them by proceeding with the instructions for “Recents’ as given above.


How do you block a phone number on an iPhone? Well, the answer lies in following the simple steps listed above, you will not find it to be too difficult to prevent and unwanted number from bothering you with repeated calls. Also, you can do the same with their messages and FaceTime.

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