How to Backup Windows Live Mail 2011?


Since i still use a Windows 7 operating system, i can share with you on how to backup windows live mail 2011. This steps may be similar with windows 8.1 or windows 10 so if you are using windows 7 and above, give it a try and if it fails let me know. These steps include everything from backing up the email messages, contact list on your email and the email settings that you have changed and customize as per your usage.

To backup everything on your computer, create a new folder where you want all the data to be saved. Since we will be taking backup for the contacts, email messages and the email settings, create three sub-folder naming all them as account settings, email messages and contacts so as to avoid any confusion if we ever want to perform a recovery.

Mail Account Setting Backup:

Let us start by creating the backup for the mail account settings. Open your Windows Live Mail and on the top left of the Windows Live Mail, click on the Arrow. Now select on the Export Email option and then click on your email account. If you have more than 2 email logged in, select the mail account that you want to backup and click on Export. Select the folder that you have created just now and save this file into the Email Settings Account.

Email Message Backup:

Follow the same steps for backing up your Email Message and Contact details in your mail. To backup all the email messages from your email, proceed with the same steps. Open your Windows Live Mail, click on the Arrow that is on the top left of the screen and select the Export Mail option. Now this time select on Email Messages. Select the Windows Live Mail format and click on Next. Select the folder where you want to save the backup, click Next to begin the backup. Once the backup is done, click on Finish.

Contact List Backup:

Now to take a backup for your contact list on your Windows Live Mail. Open your Windows Live Mail and for contacts backup, click on contacts which is at the lower left side of the Windows Live Mail and on the top on the Windows Live mail screen, click on Export. Select the format that you want to save the file as, select the Comma Separated Values (CSV) and save it on the contact folder that you have created before on your computer. After the backup is done, click on Finish. Now you have taken backup for all your Windows Live Mail contact details, email message and account settings.

Additional Tips: I take backup for my Windows Live Mail once every two months so each time i created a new folder for the backup i write down the backup taken date so that i do not get confused when i try to perform recovery. You can do that too so that everything is organized and easier in the future for recovery.

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