How to Backup using iTunes


iPhones are popular for a number of advanced features. The ability of these devices to backup data to the iCloud, the cloud server of Apple, features prominently among them.

While Apple devices are tailor-made to backup data to the cloud server, the same may not happen automatically with regard to iTunes. That is to say, iPhone users need to do this manually.

Why is it important to back up your data to iTunes? Well, it comes in handy while performing a total factory reset of an iPhone.

So, how can you backup iPhone to iTunes? Go through the following sections to find out the answer to this frequently asked question.

How to Backup iPhone to iTunes

To begin with, you need to first make sure whether you would use a personal computer of a Mac device for the purpose. In the case of the former, you need to download and install iTunes. You can do this either by visiting the official website of Apple or via Microsoft Store. However, if you are planning to use Mac, you do not need to worry about the installation of iTunes, as it is automatically installed in it.

As the first step for how to backup iPhone to iTunes, you need to connect your iPhone to a PC or Mac using the USB charger with which you charge your iPhone. Once connected, you will see the option “continue”. Tap the option to allow your computer or Mac to gain an access into the iPhone.

Itunes continue

Next, the prompt, “Trust This Computer” will flash on the screen. All you need to do is push the “Trust” option and input your PIN. By doing so your computer will be able to let it read the data stored in the memory chip of your iPhone.

Trust and Pin iPhone

These prompts appear on the screen only when an iPhone is not synchronized. In case it is synchronized, you can proceed to the next steps.

After providing your PC or Mac with the permission to access the data in your iPhone, the next thing you need to do is look for the summary section pane in the left-hand corner of the screen of your computer or Mac device. Upon clicking on it, you will see three options: “iCloud”, “This computer”, and “Encrypt iPhone backup”. You can either choose to back up the data on iCloud or the computer or Mac device based on your preference and then check the box next to “Encrypt iPhone backup” option. Doing so will protect the data in your iPhone with a password so no one can misuse your data. Choose a password which you can remember.

iCloud Backup

Encrypted Icloud Backup

In the event you forget the password, you will not be able to use restore iTune back up which is encrypted using the password. However, you will able to change the password. But you would lose your access to the older data and would not be able to restore it.

Password for Backup

When a user enters the password, iTunes starts to create a backup automatically. Do not disconnect the connection until the completion of the creation of backup. It also shows the other backups that have already taken place on a computer or a Mac device. If you wish to create a fresh iTunes backup, choose the option, “Back Up Now” at any point in time when your device is connected to your computer.

Backup Now Option

You can monitor the updates of the back at the top window of your PC or Mac device. For best results, leave the box next to the “iCloud” option checked.

So, this is how can you backup iPhone using iTunes. Try these steps to always keep your iPhone synced and prevent the possibility of losing your valuable data.

Wondering how to backup iPhone without iTunes? Well, there is a separate process for it. It needs to be done manually. We hope this article will helps you for how to backup iPhone to iTunes.

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