How to Activate iPhone without Sim Card


When we get another iPhone, the principal thing we ought to do is to activate and set up the device with the goal that we can utilize its features. Furthermore, typically, the most well-known approach to empower an iPhone is to introduce a SIM card in the device. However, some of the time you might not have a SIM card while endeavoring to activate the device. At that point for this situation, you may think about how to activate iPhone without SIM card.

Here are mentioned few ways by which you can easily activate iPhone without SIM card.

Method 1: Using iTunes

iTunes is a great apparatus to initiate iPhone activation. With the administration, you can set up your device as another iPhone, which enables you to learn how to activate iPhone without SIM card. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Launch iTunes on your PC and go to Help> Check for Updates. In the event that it sees you that there is another iTunes variant accessible, simply adhere to the guidelines to download and introduce the latest one.

Step 2: Make connection of your iPhone to PC and iTunes will recognize the connected iPhone consequently.

Step 3: When you establish an association among iPhone and iTunes, you may get a message saying that “There is no SIM card introduced in the iPhone you are attempting to activate”. On the off chance that you get this data, despite everything you require a SIM to open your telephone since the device is locked to some network carrier. Be that as it may, if the message does not show up, you can keep on activating your phone.

Step 4: On the off chance that iTunes does not request that you introduce a SIM card, you can choose “Set up as a new iPhone” and tap on “continue” on your device. From that point onward, the iPhone enactment will begin in iTunes.

Step 5: After the procedure is done, you have to set up a few options on your iPhone, including location, password, App and Data, Apple ID, and so forth.

Step 6: When every one of the settings are done, your iPhone is activated effectively. At long last, you simply need to tap Get Start to deal with your new device.

Method 2: Using R-SIM/X-SIM

The second Method is to make utilization of R-SIM or X-SIM. On the off chance that you don’t have the first SIM card however take an R-SIM or X-SIM with you, you can pursue the guide underneath to make an endeavor.

Step 1: Embed your R-SIM or X-SIM into the card holder on your iPhone.

Step 2: Pick the carrier from the accessible rundown and afterward affirm your selection.

Step 3: Press and hold the Power button to restart your cell phone.

Step 4: When you reboot your telephone, it will begin to look for the carrier and the enacting procedure will be finished.

Method 3: Using Jailbreak software

Still looking for solution on how to activate iPhone without SIM card? Try out the Jailbreak software method. By utilizing this Method, you have to download and introduce jailbreak software to enable you to finish the procedure. In the event that you don’t have any thought regarding the valuable Jailbreak software, you can ask the experts for suggestion. Subsequent to getting the program, you can start to Jailbreak your iPhone.

In the wake of completing the Jailbreak, you have to reboot your telephone and you will find that your device is activated.

The last way you can learn on how to unlock or activate iPhone 4 without SIM card is to ask the experts for immediate iPhone support. The experts will certainly provide the best solution to your problem.

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  1. Grey Daman says:

    Finally got it activated. I did not think that the first method would have worked but it did!!!! Thanks

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