How many people can watch Netflix at Once?


Netflix is known as the best source of Entertainment. From child to adult, everyone loves to watch it. You can stream over 7 screens from the same account. But some how this vary according to the type of your account.

Streaming is a different thing. As you will see further, there are three different Netflix Streaming Plans. They allow different streaming for how many people can watch Netflix at once i.e., one, two or four. That means that while you can share your account with unlimited people, you will only be able to have four of these people stream Netflix at any given time. And it is possible only in the premium package. So the streaming of 7 screens is just for saying.

Here are the different Netflix subscriptions for how many people can use Netflix at once:

  • Basic Subscription: Here a subscriber has to pay $7.99 per month and gets an access to one screen.
  • Standard Subscription: Here a subscriber has to pay $10.99 per month and gets an access to two screens.
  • Premium Subscription: Here a subscriber has to pay $14.99 per month and gets an access to four screens.

Note: All the screens can be used at the same time. (Either it’s two or four)

Total Number of Profiles:

Netflix comes with the multiple profile feature which let the several members of the family choose according to their preference. If any person wants to share their Netflix subscription, the premium subscription plan is the best option for them. It offers a subscriber with the maximum quality streaming on four devices. This application can be operated on various devices like PC, tablets, mobile phones, gaming consoles, smart TV’s, and many more.

It is very simple to share a Netflix account. The new Profiles feature allows the users to personalise the content according to their preferences. This app will customize your watch list and suggestions according to what you watch. It allows their users to make up to five profiles per account. There is also an option for “Kids” profile, so as to make sure that a kid is watching the right content.

Is it safe to share your password?

As we have discussed above about how many people can watch Netflix at once. Netflix comes with a multiple Profile feature. It ensures the multiple users are watching the best suitable Movies and TV series using the same account. And when it comes to sharing the subscription, it’s completely the account holder’s decision. Using this feature, you can share your subscription with your family or close friends.

Let’s take an example. If someone is buying a carpool approach subscription, s/he have to pay for one-fourth of their total amount. Here the same amount will be divided into 3-4 people. Similarly, if a person wants to share his password with others, he can use the same approach. In this way all people will able to save their money.

Now you know that Netflix password sharing is convenient but is it fair? Netflix does not restrict any account on the basis of IP address. It make sure that Netflix will not bother any subscriber for sharing their password with their family and friends. In fact, the CEO of Netflix claimed that sharing a password could be a good concept. At the present time, sharing passwords is quite famous, this may change in future.


Around four screening it possible on one account. This varies according to different subscription plans. The premium plan offers most of the screenings while basic plan offers the least. Choose according to your needs. And when it comes to password sharing, we recommend you to share your account and password only with the close people. Sharing your password to a stranger can cause huge risks. So share carefully!

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