How do i use iTune to back up my iPhone X


There are two ways to take a data back up for iPhone X, the first one as you have mentioned taking back up using iTunes and the next is using the iPhone iCloud.

We shall first discuss about taking backup using iTunes. Taking backup using iTunes as well as iCloud is a very easy process and its only just a click and tap away.

  • To begin, check if there is any update available for iTunes, make sure to always update your iTunes to the latest version.
  • Now open iTunes and connect your iPhone X to your computer.
  • As soon as you plugged in your iPhone X, a message will pop up asking for the iPhone X passcode.
  • Once you have enter the passcode, in the iTune screen, select your phone model, iPhone X.
  • Now go through the backup page and look for encrypted iPhone backup, make sure to select the checkbox, Encrypted iPhone Backup and create a new password for the encrypted iPhone Backup. Be sure to remember this password and write it down somewhere as there is no way to recover this password once it is lost or forgotten.
  • Now simply click on Backup Now. when the backup completes you will get a message that the backup is complete and finished successfully.

Other method is taking backup using iCloud directly from your iPhone X.

  • before doing so, ensure that your iPhone X is connected to the wifi.
  • Open the settings from your iPhone X, tap on your user account name and then tap on iCloud.
  • You will get a toggle switch here, tap on the iCloud Backup to switched on the automatic backup.
  • Now tap on the Back Up Now and the back up process will begin. Make sure to stay connected to the WiFi till the whole backup process is complete.
  • To confirm if the backup using iCloud was successful or not, go back to Settings, tap on your user account name, go to iCloud and open iCloud Backup, under back up now, check and see when the last backup was taken.

There are both an alternative backup, so there is no harm in creating one backup in iTunes and the other backup in iCloud.

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