How do I Restore my hp desktop system to the original factory settings?


This guide on restoring your HP desktop system to original factory settings is for Windows 10. The steps are quite similar for Windows 7 but if you are using a Windows 7 and require help, let me know I can share with you the same.

  • Begin by turning off your computer. After the computer shuts down disconnect all devices and cables that are connected to your HP Desktop.
  • Leave only the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and power cord connected.
  • Turn on the computer. On the search screen, type in Recovery Manager, and then select HP Recovery Manager from the list.



  • Under Help, click on Windows System Reset.



  • From the two option, select on Keep my files.



  • A window will appear showing you Wait while the computer gets things ready.



  • It will show you Your apps will be removed, and then click Next.



  • A warning message will show up asking you the following If you continue to Reset the PC, you won’t be able to undo, or go back, to a previous version of Windows, Click on next




  • On the Ready to reset this PC window, click Reset and Follow any on-screen instructions.

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