how do i fix computer black screen? the computer is on but the screen is black.


The troubleshooting steps may depend on if you are using a desktop computer or a laptop computer but we shall do the same for both. Here is a basic troubleshooting steps for monitors to determine if the issue is due to a hardware issue or software issue.

If none of the steps helped, go to the UEFI advance option. To enter the UEFI advanced setting option.

  1. Start your computer and when you see the windows blue logo, press and hold the power button to force shutdown the computer.
  2. Repeat the steps for two more times until you trigger the windows auto repair which will take you to the UEFI advanced startup screen.
  3. From the options available click on troubleshoot> go to advanced option > select startup settings > and hit the Restart button.
  4. Press number 5 or F5 to select Safe Mode With Networking.
  5. Check and reinstall the video graphic drivers. Go to device manager> expand the display adapters > right click on the driver listed below it and click on uninstall.
  6. Restart your computer and your computer will automatically install the internal video graphic drivers for your computer.

If everything does not work, create a new user account in Safe Mode and see if the issue still persist or not

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