3 Smart Ways to Record a Phone Call on iPhone


Possibilities are endless with iPhone’s. You can book cabs, detect your heartbeat, order pizzas and what not. But can you record a phone call on iPhone?

Well, call recording is one of the simplest and important functionalities which a majority of users anticipate on a smartphone and when it comes to iPhone, you would hardly find a user who would say it is not possible.

Yes, you can record phone calls on an iPhone but only a few users know how to do so. If you own an iPhone and have been wondering how to record a phone call on iPhone, here is what you need to do to record phone calls on it.

How to record a phone call on iPhone Secretly

You may want to record a phone call on your smartphone for a variety of reasons. You may feel the need to do so to record the conversation of an interview, a message from one of your family members or someone who is close to you or even to record a customer service call. Regardless of your reason to do so, there are ways to accomplish the task without breaking a sweat.

So, how do you record a phone call on iPhone? It’s simple: try out one of the tricks given below.

  • Utilise Google Voice

If you have used Google services, chances are you must have also heard about Google Voice. If you do not have a Google Voice account yet, consider getting one to get a free phone number with free voicemail service and also the facility to record your conversation. All you need to do to access this important feature is to activate Google voice settings.

Once this feature is activated, the next thing you need to do is tap 4 as and when you receive a phone call on your iPhone. Wondering how to do it? You can do this by simply pressing the number pad of the phone app. Previous year robotic voice saying that recording has already begun. You can stop recording by tapping 4 again. If you wish to start and stop the call recording in between your conversation with the caller on the other side, you can hit the four key as many numbers of times as you want. You can see your recordings in your email inbox. The best part about using this feature is that it is absolutely free of cost. All you need to do is just have a Google account to access this service.

  • Use an app

While there are numerous apps to record phone calls on the Android platform, the same cannot be said when it comes to iOS. This is primarily due to the stringent measures of the latter to address the issues pertaining to the security breach. If you are residing in the United States, there are some carriers that restrict the manner in which the applications work. That is to say, call-recording apps are likely to experience certain technical glitches while working on recording a phone call with these carriers. You can record your incoming and outgoing phone calls on your iPhone using both free and paid apps.

The lite versions of the premium apps will help you to record phone calls for free. However, the only catch is that you can record the phone calls using these apps between a few seconds to a minute.

TapeACall Pro and take a TapeACall lite are examples of such applications. We recommend that you should go for the paid version of the app rather than using the free version as the former is likely to have additional features besides the facility to record phone calls for a longer duration.

  • Hardware options

The good news is there are some hardware options which you can try out to record your telephonic conversation with the other party. The idea of buying another hardware just to record a telephone conversation and that too on an iPhone may sound to be slightly out of the place But you can try it out if you do not mind surgeon a little more on and Hardware option such as Olympus TP 8 Telephone Recording Device.

Better yet, if you are looking for or a device with USB connector, you can go for Olympus digital voice recorder WS 852.


So, these are some easy ways to record your telephonic conversation on iPhone. If you have been wondering how to record a phone call on iPhone 6 or the other versions of iPhone, try out one of the three options from the above to do so without a hassle.

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