How to View iCloud Photos on iPhone, PC & Mac


Are you one of the iPhone owners with the knack of taking photos every now and then? If yes, the iPhone has the perfect solution for you to store those photos on the cloud.  iPhone comes with the inbuilt ability to store files and other photos on iCloud – Apple’s solution to storing files on the cloud.

However, the actual challenges not about the storage of photos. It is about how you can view iCloud photos. If you have a back or a PC computer, then doing photos online on iCloud is a cakewalk.  Here are the three popular ways by which you can access photos on the iCloud storage offered by Apple.

Wondering how to view iCloud photos on iCloud? Make a point of following the simple steps given below for how to view iCloud photos on iPhone, Mac, and PC.

How to view iCloud photos on iPhone

  • First, lock your device. Now, tap “settings” and then tap “iCloud”.
iPhone setting and iCloud
  • Enter your Apple credentials -ID and password – to sign in. Now tap photos and click on “activate iCloud photo library”.
Signin iCloud
iCloud Photo Library
  • Launch the photo application and click albums. Make sure that you are using a stable internet connection to be able to view your iCloud photos. You can give them as long as you remain connected to the internet.
Select All Photos Mac

By activating the iCloud photo sharing feature in iCloud settings, you will be able to access the albums with others have shared with you.

How to view iCloud photos on PC and Mac via

There are two ways of using iCloud photos on PC and Mac:  you can do so either via or iCloud control panel.

You can view iCloud photos on PC and Mac by virtue of

  • Open any browser example Google Chrome on Mozilla Firefox and type and hit enter.
Icloud open on Browser
  • As soon as the page loads, enter your signing credentials such as the username and the password. Once you sign in using the correct credentials comma you will get redirected to the main interface wherein you can see the iCloud backup.
iCloud Redirect
  • Click on photos. Next, select all “All photos”. This step will allow you to view all the photos that you have stored on iCloud.
Click on Photos On iCloud
Photos Seen on iCloud

How to view iCloud photos on Mac and PC via the control panel.

Just like in PC, you can also view your iCloud photos on Mac and the process is also the same. As discussed in the previous section, there is another easy way to view iCloud photos on your personal computer or Mac device.

You can also access those photos from the control panel. Follow the following simple steps to execute the task.

  • If you wish to follow the process on your PC, you need to download iCloud for Windows OS. In case you are a Mac user, you need to first go to Apple menu, click system preferences and then choose the option that says “cloud”.
iCloud menu
  • Once you enter your Apple ID and password, you would get to see a bunch of features such as the photos, contacts, calendars, email other tasks and so on. You can view these features on the right side of the panel.
Click on Photos On iCloud
  • Now view the photos that you have stored on your iCloud account.
Photos Seen on iCloud

So, as you can see, it doesn’t take much effort to view photos on if you have an iPhone or a PC or a Mac device. Try out the steps given above for how to view iCloud photos on iPhone, PC and Mac which you store in if you happen to own any of these three devices.

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