How To Wall Mount A TV

Robert Pett | Published On : 10/10/18 8:22 AM

How To Wall Mount A TV

Things To Keep in Mind While Mounting  Your Smart TV

Mounting your TV to the wall isn’t just an extraordinary method to spare space, however it additionally looks decent and clean. In any case, there’s somewhat more to it than simply purchasing a wall mount and screwing in your TV.

Mounting a Flat screen TV to the wall has numerous preferences over setting it on a TV stand. The best advantage of wall hanging is that it spares a lot of room. This is particularly critical in the event that you don’t have a great deal of space in your living room.

Wall mounting a TV can likewise lessen the danger of having it fall over. Kids and pets are prime contender for inadvertently thumping over a TV. Fortunately, wall mounting a TV isn’t exceptionally troublesome. It’s an easy DIY job; if you keep yourself aware of some of the important things, you can easily learn how to wall mount a TV.

Where to mount your TV?

Most importantly, you have to make sense of precisely where you need your TV to go. This is something that is at last up to you, yet there are a few dependable guidelines to know about.

The most imperative control is to mount your TV at eye level from where you’ll be watching it. This normally implies the base of the TV will be something close to 2-3 feet off the ground, plus or minus a couple of inches.

Numerous individuals mount their TV up high over a chimney or bookshelf, yet that is generally an awful thought since you extend your neck up to see your TV, which can be extremely awkward when improved the situation a broadened time frame. However, the exceptional case is the bedroom, where you need to rests and sit in front of the TV in the meantime, having the TV mounted up higher toward the roof is awesome for this.

Go for the correct mount type and size

Usually, two types of TV wall mount are available in the market. One is an articulating mount that has one arm with two or three articulating joints that enable you to haul the TV out from the wall and turn it almost any direction. Such mounts are suitable for lighter televisions and are a perfect mount used for

Full motion TV wall mount.

The second sort of TV wall mount is the tilting mount. This type of mount is suitable for larger or say big TV’s but can only be titled up and down.  

When you choose the sort of mount you need, you additionally need to ensure that it will accommodate your TV’s mounting holes. Usually televisions come with different mounting holes and hence, it’s quite important to get the right size of the mount to fit your particular needs.

Come on; mount it in the right way

Since you have the TV wall mount, you can get the chance to work mounting—however you can’t pick any ordinary spot and begin screwing it in. TVs and the mounts themselves are overwhelming, so you have to ensure that you mount your TV effectively with the goal that it doesn’t come disintegrating down directly after you introduce it.

You’ll have to screw the TV mount into wall studs for most extreme holding power. Get a stud finder and utilize it to find the studs behind the drywall. Studs are put each 16 crawls on focus, so you ought to have the capacity to mount your TV on two studs in case you’re utilizing a tilting mount, in some cases three studs in the event that you have a bigger TV and mount.

From that point, put the TV mount where you need it and check with a pencil where you have to screw it into the wall, ensuring that there are studs at these areas. For this, you can take the help of a second person.

Before you screw in the TV mount, however, you’ll have to drill pilot holes, which will keep the studs from part when you drive in the screws. When you have your pilot holes drilled, you would now be able to position the TV mount on the wall and drive in the screws or bolts utilizing a power drill. After you’ve put the mount on the wall, it’s simply a question of joining the sections to your TV utilizing the four screw holes on the back of the TV, and afterward connecting that to the wall mounts.

What about the cables? Hide them.

When you are done with your Corner TV wall mount, you are now left with the cables hanging down. What to do with them? Of course, you have to hide them.

As an option, you are left with making a hole in the wall to hide the cables. For this, you can call the professional to do so. Or you can also get some cord-hiding material that allows you to simply screw to the wall and route all the cables around that.

Once you follow the above mentioned things, you can easily do the TV mounting yourself. In case, you find any issue with handling the entire task, you can call upon the experts to do the Flat screen TV wall mount for you.

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