How To Repair a Hole And Cracks In Drywall

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How To Repair a Hole And Cracks In Drywall

Drywall is made up of the main ingredient that is Gypsum and commonly known as wallboard or plasterboard. Basically, it is used in the construction of ceilings and interior walls. Mostly, the repairs of the drywall are inexpensive and can be done without taking professional help. There are different types of damages on the plasterboard such as deep crack, holes, surface crack repair, nail pop repair and many more. These damages can be easily repaired depending upon the size, type and place of the damage.

The main reason behind the cracks and holes is the poor quality of plaster due to which the plaster cracks and crumbles. Additionally, water damage can also be one of the primary reasons for deep cracks which causes peeling and leaching of the salts and minerals. Drywall can be easily damaged in the form of deep holes from wall hangings, scratches etc.

These cracks and holes can be easily repaired on your own. But, if the cracks are deep and leading to severe damage, then you need to contact a professional drywall repair near you.


Here’s the list of solutions and steps through which you can easily repair your drywall.


  1. Firstly, just deeply look at the wall and if the tape has pulled loose or the crack is extending through the seam’s paper tape, then with the use of knife remove the whole damaged portion carefully.  
  2. Now, as mentioned above, with the use of knife widen the crack to the wall surface.
  3. Afterwards, you have to fill the crack with the new drywall compound. After making the compound, apply a thin coat of drywall compound (Mixture of water and trisodium phosphate) on the damaged portion or where the tape was removed.
  4. Until the compound is wet, you have to place the fiberglass tape on the seam to bridge the gap between the ends.
  5. Then, smooth it out and wait for some time to let it dry.
  6. After the compound gets dry, apply another coat of drywall compound over the area with a knife.
  7. Remember that, the compound should be applied smoothly and feather its edges perfectly so that it gets to mix with the undamaged area of the drywall.
  8. After the second coat gets dry, then sand lightly to smooth out the wall and blend the patches without any bumps.
  9. Finally, apply primer on it and repaint the entire area.


There are a variety of kits available to repair holes in drywall immediately. If the lath backing is intact in plaster, then it’s relatively easier to fix it.

  1. Make a mixture of compound and plaster of Paris for the patch to apply on the drywall.
  2. Before you begin, remove the damaged plaster and all the remaining dust for the smooth blending.
  3. Measure the area of the hole and remove the plaster larger than the diameter of the hole.
  4. Now, place a new drywall patch into the hole and trim the rough edges of the drywall.
  5. Afterwards, apply a fiberglass tape on the new drywall patch and extend it little further.
  6. Then, apply a thin coat of compound and let it dry. Remember that the plaster should be applied in layers especially for holes.
  7. Finally, apply one coat of primer on it and repaint it.

To sum it all up, it is assumed that you have understood the detailed steps mentioned above. In case, you aren’t able to fix the deep cracks or holes in drywall, then immediately contact for professional support to protect your walls from further damage. PHLAdvisor in one-stop destination for all repairing and damage related issues. Their quick handymen are easily accessible 24×7 with just one call (+1-844-851-9487). Their professional and trained will definitely repair your drywalls instantly with utmost perfection. Therefore, don’t wait and give them a call to get the best local handyman services at an affordable price.

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