How To Mount a Flat Screen TV On Wall With Shelf

sofia james | Published On : 12/14/18 9:14 AM

How To Mount a Flat Screen TV On Wall With Shelf

When you’re finally replacing your plasma TV with Flat screen TV, the most important part is wall mounting of a new television. Flat screen television is beneficial because it’s a space-efficient and wall-hugging design makes it absolutely comfortable to place it on height for the best entertainment experience. However, flat screen TV doesn’t come with shelf and it becomes difficult to place your gaming consoles, cable boxes and other components along with the television. Mounting a shelf along with flat screen TV is essential to be totally free from tables or furniture beneath the TV.

You can easily mount your flat screen TV along with a shelf without taking professional help.  But mounting a flat screen TV on the wall isn’t a simplified task. You need appropriate location and equipment’s to mount a TV on the wall. Therefore, before you begin with the whole procedure, make sure you have enough equipment and tools to perform the wall-mounting of your new television and shelf.

How To Mount a Flat Screen Television On Wall

Now, here are some crucial steps that you need to follow for flat screen TV wall mount on the wall with a shelf.


One of the most important parts in wall-mounting of flat screen TV is deciding its appropriate position. To achieve the best picture quality, it’s extremely crucial to mounting the TV accurately. After unpacking the TV, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and, then begin with the steps.


Now, the next step while mounting the TV on the wall is finding stud using a stud finder. Simply move your stud finder across the wall and mark it with paint the exact position indicated by stud finder.


First of all, mark the holes by placing the mount on the wall using your pencil. Then, drill the holes that you have marked with the mount.


Now, simply hold the mount to the wall and drill the pilot holes that you have made previously. Afterwards, attach the mounting brackets to the holes. If you want to mount a shelf along with TV, then unpack the shelf cover and read the instructions carefully. After that, insert the shelf extension into the attachment arm carefully.


Now, securing the bolts and nuts, carefully insert the shelf slides into the extension and adjust it according to the height. After the cord management coves, place your TV shelf or shelves on the floating shelf support.


To mount the plate, remove the stand from the TV. If it’s enclosed with a plastic cover, then remove it carefully because many times it contains screws and bolts. Now, find the mounting plate attachment holes and attach the mounting plate at the back of the flat screen TV.


In the final step, you have to place your TV on the wall. For this final step, ensure that there’s somebody with you to lift the television and place it on the wall perfectly. Before you mount the TV on the wall, read the manufacturer’s instruction carefully to understand the steps. Finally, enjoy your newly mounted flat screen television to watch your favourite series and movies.

If you have the right equipment and tools, then it’s not a complicated task to perform on your own. Just have some patience and a few hours, then you can easily do the flat screen TV wall mount. In any case, you got stuck somewhere or you aren’t able to understand how to mount it, then you can contact PHLAdvisor technical team. Their servicemen are easily accessible 24×7 for their customers. They will definitely mount your flat screen TV with a shelf within a limited time period. Simply dial their number (+1-844-851-9487) on your mobile phone and they will instantly resolve your problem.

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