7 Ways Computers Can Help You

sofia james | Published On : 10/22/18 3:54 AM

7 Ways Computers Can Help You

What do computers do and how do they affect you? It might not seem like it but they affect a lot of your life in ways that you don’t really realize.

Computers are all around us. To read this article, you need a computer. Look around you; a lot of what you see is programmed or made by a computer. In our modern day world, computers are only going to get bigger and better, to make bigger and better things for you to enjoy. A computer is a reliable machine with long lasting components.

Without computers, your life would be pretty dull. You couldn’t talk to your friends on the phone, your smartphone couldn’t have any apps and actually, if it wasn’t for computers, smartphones would never have existed. An average person spends about 31 hours a week online which equals to about 4.5 hours every day. Let us take a look at a few ways, computers have been and will continue to improve our lives in the future:

  1. AUTOMATION:-  Computers have automated many complicated processes which could have taken days to finish up manually.When a machine completes a task without any human interjection, it is called automation. Whenever you feed the computer with a command or instruction, it is stored in the memory of the computer forever. And if that program is to run again anytime in the future, it could be done without a human interaction.All the cars, mobiles and even day to day items are designed on a computer. A simple command on the computer makes a machine work and repeat the same manufacturing process over and over again.
  1. STORAGE:-  Storage of data and information on the computer allows reduction of paper use. Earlier all the data was written on paper and stored in files. Once the data became irrelevant, the paper also becomes useless. But with computers, you can store humongous magnitudes of data. After the data becomes useless or irrelevant, you can simply delete it which in turn will make space for new data to be stored.The problem to maintain stacks and piles of paper is eliminated as data in a computer can be easily retrieved and replaced.Also, it can store any type of data such as images, videos, texts, audio etc. In a way, trees are being saved and more oxygen is produced.
  1. ACCURACY: Computer makes a null error if the right command is given with no bugs. A computer is a kind of calculator that can perform very huge and complex calculations within microseconds. You will be astonished to know that a computer can deal with hundreds and thousands of complex calculations altogether and the chances of error are negligible. As a result companies like NASA are hugely dependent on computers for computation of complex aeronautical and scientific calculations.
  1. SPEED:-  Computers can do all tasks at incredible speeds. When you input a command or type something on the internet, the results pretty much show up instantaneously. Transferring heavy files to a USB drive or uploading something to the cloud, everything is just so seamless, speedy and effortless. A real life use of the fast speed of computers can be seen in sports. Viewers can track the statistics of a game and players pretty much anytime. 
  1. CONSISTENCY:-  A computer works at all times with immense consistency. It neither gets tired nor possesses mood swings. You can keep working on a computer all day long and the computer can also work on your behalf with the same level of consistency. A human may get tired but a computer never gets tired. In other words, a computer, unlike human beings is free from monotony, tiredness, and lack of concentration and can work continuously without any error and boredom. Also, a computer can has the ability to perform repetitive tasks with the exact same accuracy and speed every single time.
  1. VERSATILITY:-  Nothing is as versatile as a computer. It is needed in all walks of life, at all civilized nook and corner of the world and in every industry. Be it graphics, internet, taxation, editing, gaming, medical science,and engineering too. Computers also help in advertisement and animation industries to add great graphics.In other words, we can say that a computer is a multidisciplinary machine. You could be playing an intense shooter game at one moment and in the very next moment, you could a solving a complex mathematical equation on the same computer.
  1. INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY:-  Business entities get their productivity and profit increase almost exponentially with the help of computers. Computers in an organization are useful to reduce the paperwork which in turn speeds up the data processing. The computer can now be used to maintain accounts, design blueprints of complex mechanical structures to be converted in working pieces in the future. However,the initial investment and hard work to buy and setup a computer is pretty significant but in the longer run, a computer saves you a big amount per transaction.

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